Chamber & Foundation offer grants for businesses impacted by COVID-19

The Grundy County Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Community Foundation of Grundy County have teamed up to offer $1,000 small business grants to local businesses and Chamber members impacted by COVID-19.

Through the contributions of Community Foundation donors, Grundy County Chamber members, community members and a sponsorship from LyondellBasell, the two organizations have been able to raise funds to directly help our local businesses.

“We learned during the two tornadoes that the IRS considers grants to businesses during times of disaster to be a ‘charitable purpose,’ so we are excited to be able to help Grundy small businesses with their pandemic recovery,” said Julie Buck, Community Foundation Executive Director.

Local businesses have been impacted in various ways due to this pandemic.

“Some have had to close their doors, some are hanging on but have had to change the way they do business drastically acquiring unexpected costs along the way,” said Christina Van Yperen, Grundy Chamber President & CEO. “Others are on the edge and just need a little help to get by.”

The Grundy Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grants will hopefully aid local businesses through these unprecedented times. The grants must be applied for by July 13. Applications are done online and are available at or at

To be eligible businesses must be a non-home based, for-profit business impacted by COVID-19; be located in Grundy County or be a member of the Grundy County Chamber/Channahon Minooka Chamber; have a city, village or state business license; have less than 20 full-time employees; and they must provide requested documentation such as proof of application to any other loan or grant programs if applicable.

“There have been numerous federal and state programs available to assist our business community and they have been life-savers for some. But there are still so many businesses that were denied or could not qualify for some of these programs that could use financial assistance,” Van Yperen said. “Whether it’s rent assistance, help with disposable products for outdoor dining requirements, PPE costs or another need due to COVID-19, we’re hopeful these grants will offer a little relief.”

Once an application is received, applicants will get an email reply and the Community Foundation or the Chamber will be in touch. The applications will be reviewed and scored by a COVID-19 Relief Grant Funds committee. Once chosen, applicants will be notified within a couple of weeks of applying.

Anyone who wants to contribute to the Grundy County Disaster Fund toward the small business grants can mail a check to the Community Foundation at 520 W. Illinois Avenue, Morris or donate online with a credit card at

For more information or to apply visit or