Business Education Council

The Grundy County Chamber’s Business Education Council is a partnership of the local business and education leaders.

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The focus is to build support for business education partnerships – allowing business and education leaders to make connections, learn from each other, and identify common goals and issues. We have met for several years discussing the needs of businesses, the challenges our schools face and the importance of working together to establish a well-educated and trained workforce.

The Council

  • Identifies and connects businesses with education service providers and local, state and national government to discuss issues affecting business involvement in education.
  • Brings together companies that are interested in working together on education initiatives.
  • Presents best practices, tools, and techniques for more effective business and education partnerships.

The Council is designed for a wide range of businesses with a wide range of interests – from the corporate foundation leaders who invest in K-12 education to CEOs interested in the future of U.S. business competitiveness, to companies dedicated to the business of education. Partnerships are key to the success of any program, organization, and community. The Grundy County Chamber is happy that so many are willing to partner for the success of our residents, businesses, and communities. We welcome your involvement.


Business & Education Initiatives

Through the years numerous projects have stemmed from the workings of the Business Education council.  In recent years the Council has helped develop the 8th Grade Career Fair through the Community Foundation of Grundy County and the Grundy County Economic Development Council as well as the Certificate of Employability program through the Grundy County Chamber, its member and the Community Foundation of Grundy County.


The 8th Grade Career Fair allows thousands of area 8th graders to interact with local businesses, trades, nonprofits, organizations, colleges and training programs that are available to them right here in Grundy County.  The booths all provide hands-on activities to give the students an idea of the daily task of these careers.


The purpose of the Certificate of Employability program is to familiarize students with the expectations of the workforce to help equip them for their first job.  Students hear from owners and managers in the local business community who teach them sills required to work in jobs such as retail, fast food, sit-down dining and more.  Upon completion of the program, students can earn a Certificate of Employability which they can attach to their job applications in the future showing employers the extra effort they have put in to equip themselves to work.

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