U.S. Chamber offers small business grants

The U.S. Chamber Foundation has started a Save Small Business Grant Fund for local businesses with 3 to 20 employees, who have been harmed by the COVID-19 impact, and that are in “economically vulnerable communities.” Originally it appeared that Grundy County communities did not qualify for the grant funds since we are not designated as a federal “distressed community,” as it claims to require. But now the website for the funds indicates otherwise.

It is unclear on which area communities may qualify so we are suggesting each individual business owner put their zip code in the portal at savesmallbusiness.com and see if your area qualifies, and if so proceed to see if it will let you apply.

The grants are supposed to be for $5,000. There is no indication how much money there is total, but grants are supposed to be given weekly and you need only apply once.

You will need your W9 to apply and the application is supposed to be short and sweet.

The application site is experiencing technical difficulties due to the amount of applicants so keep checking and good luck to all.