Tips for the Beginner – Marketing Your Business with Facebook Pages

by Ariana Nuccio, Artful Marketing


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“Think about your goals as opposed to criticism, technique or perfection. If you concentrate on those things, you’ll never get anything done.”

-Ariana Nuccio

So, before we get into the tips, I want to give some background on Facebook for Business. Facebook has surpassed any other social media platform in both personal and business use. Facebook now owns Instagram as well! This is huge for start-ups and small businesses who are using Facebook. In addition to that, the advertising program on Facebook continues to be the most cost-effective out there.

Facebook is where people are, with over 1.3 billion active users. And on any given day, 48% of them log on. You can target your desired demographic in that enormous audience by creating a Facebook Page, so let’s look at some ways to use a Facebook Page to market your business.

My advice to anyone who is even just thinking about starting a business is to do their homework and START USING FACEBOOK.

  • Create a page
    • That is your starting point, so don’t put it off. It is quick, easy and free. You can have a Facebook page for your business up and running in less than an hour, and you can refine it as frequently as you wish.


  • Add a cover and a profile picture
    • Some graphic representation of your business (a photo or your logo, for instance) will create brand awareness for that image. People that have visited your Facebook Page will have a connection with all the information they have received there whenever they see that it.


  • Add a “Call to Action.”
    • On the Cover area of your page, set up a call to action. Use it. Also use Call to Action buttons or links in your posts and in ads you create. Responses to a Call to Action build your fan base and create alternative ways to market to those fans.


  • Add a description of your business.
    • This is the first place visitors will see information about the nature of your business. You have two places for descriptions – a short one (155 characters) and a long one. Use both.


  • Add contact information to encourage prospects to find you.
    • Add your address, telephone number and website URL to your page. Some businesses will use a Facebook Page in lieu of a website. If you have a website, though, a leading function of the Facebook Page will be to drive traffic to it.


  • Post on your personal Facebook Profile to acquaint your friends with your Facebook Page. Ask them to Like your Facebook Page. (Another Call to Action!)

 Start with your Facebook Page to grow brand awareness and respect from visitors to your Page. This one tool can start an exponential growth spurt.