The Grundy County Chamber participated on a conference call today with the Illinois Chamber and the U.S. Chamber on the issues, challenges, and expectations businesses will face when we can all return to work. Right now the U.S. Chamber is gathering information and the questions that come with returning to work so a national “Return to Work Plan” can be formed and shared as a resource for businesses large and small.

There are numerous factors to be considered, such as phasing in employees, the need for health screenings, COVID-19 testing, liabilities, financial resources for such requirements, and childcare availability for workers. These and many other topics are being researched and explored by the U.S. Chamber to help build a usable plan. As part of this they are asking for the feedback of businesses and organizations on what they feel has to be considered, and on what our legislators need to know so people can return to work.

Here is a letter from the U.S. Chamber detailing some of the initial thoughts being looked at and listing the questions they are considering. Please read it and offer your input to the U.S. Chamber directly or to us here at the Grundy Chamber and we will pass the message on as we continue to work with them on this.

Remember to keep us informed on your business and your needs as well. We are here for you and we will get through this together.

-Christina Van Yperen

Grundy Chamber

President & CEO

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