Morris Theatre Guild receives grant from Community Foundation

MORRIS – The Morris Theatre Guild is pleased to announce a grant from the Community Foundation of Grundy County to help with upgrades to the theatre.

Following the loss of the building at 506 Liberty Street in Morris in a 2006 fire, Morris Theatre Guild was able to create a new theatre space at Canalport, 516 Illinois Avenue, with assistance from Jim Baum and the Community Foundation of Grundy County. The Morris Theatre Guild opened in its new space in February of 2010 and has been presenting plays ever since.

Over time, it became apparent that upgrades were needed to keep improving the theatre experience for our patrons and our staff who prepare and present our productions. Last summer, MTG replaced carpeting backstage as a safety measure for staff. New lights and an office printer have also helped improve our productions and publicity.

This summer, a $5000 matching grant from the Community Foundation of Grundy County will be combined with $5000 in donations to Morris Theatre Guild to continue upgrades. New carpeting will be installed in the main theatre during the coming months and installation of new lighting trusses and instruments above the stage. This additional equipment will enhance the lighting possibilities for future shows.

Morris Theatre Guild wishes to thank its donors and the Community Foundation of Grundy County for helping MTG to continue to present live theatre in our community. We are still in need of funding at this time and if you wish to contribute please visit us online at or you can mail your donation to Morris Theatre Guild, 516 W. Illinois Ave, Morris ill. 60450.